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fuck poker

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Need PS for FTP
  BeMannerPenner, Dec 12 2010

Yo, havent been here in a long time. had to cash out pretty much all my bankroll due to RL reasons and had no time to play poker.

Now i wanna play abit again mostly for fun and to get back into it. since i noticed that i still have like 15k fpp on PS but only have like 20 $ there and no vip status i want to get my remaning 48$ from ftp to PS

so if anyone wanna help pls pm me. can offer 3$ for your trouble (45$ ps for 48 ftp). will send first to known/oldschool members.

maybe ill report in a month or so how a former NL100 player does on lowest micro tables ~

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20k hands day + graph
  BeMannerPenner, Nov 19 2008

and it was a freakin rollercoaster of suckage. so many suckouts, so many missed draws, so many coolers.

i donked of sum money on temp. tilt after another 2outer but overall im surprised how calm i stayed. and overall i jsut ran sick bad.when a shortstack beats ur KK/AA multiple times in a row with craphands from 5$ up to 40$ u know ur fucked.

also i started playing more and more tables over the session and at the end i was 18 tabling which went pretty good and helped me to reach my goal, ffps for giftcard for new monitor. seeing how many hands im atm putting in ill maybe try to go for platinum star.

so i reached my goal, new monitor this week, my bad run got only worse but could end it only down 15$ which makes it tolerable.

aiaiai im so brainfucked. whole day of staring at your computer + weed makes ur brain madsickandcrazy

beat: 20k hands breakeven
beat: stupid giftcard site fucks&bugs around so i cant order it today it seems. FU STUPID SITE! *angryfist*
brag: new monitor yay shipship

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7k hands
  BeMannerPenner, Nov 19 2008

graph shows it all.won huge in the first few hands thx to funny guys stacking off against my made hands with midpair&worse. nice -7-8 buyins swing starts with me losing 10+buyins in 2-4 outer suckouts and sets vs flushes(really, im breakeven with sets this day since they sucked out almost every single time.including 4 4flushboards etc). could grind some back, some mroe suckouts whatever. finished up 1 buyin after 7k hands with sucks esp after the very crappy 2 sessions the last 2 days(still down 3-4 buyins for this week after 15k hands)

but atleast i got quite some fpps. only 2,2k fpps to go for my new monitor yay

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